Youthful Faces Jenga is a non-profit program, dedicated to building and furnishing homes for vulnerable children served by our education programs in Kenya.

At Youthful Faces, we believe that a childhood filled with love, hope and dreams starts at home. It’s where children are inspired by their parents, relatives, and communities to become doctors and teachers. Home is where the heart is. It’s a place that feels good to leave and feels even better when we return. Youthful Faces Jenga is recruiting volunteers to help us build better homes -- and better futures -- for children and their families.

How can you help?

Jenga with us! Join Youthful Faces for a life changing, hands-on volunteer experience, constructing new homes for families in need in Kenya. Any and all skills are welcome. Willing hands and a generous heart are the only qualifications needed to make a difference.

Jenga in Kenya:

Time commitment in Kenya - 10 days
Cost - $4,700

Get started on your Jenga journey! All volunteers wanting to work with Youthful Faces in Kenya must submit an application.

Once approved, volunteers can secure their spot with full payment. The cost ($4,700 per volunteer) includes roundtrip air travel to Kenya, most in-country expensesincluding food and lodging, and the funds needed to purchase materials to build a family home. Each Jenga group traveling to Kenya is limited to 10 volunteers. Church groups, university students, and corporate volunteers are encouraged! All volunteers are required to attend an orientation to prepare for the trip.

Jenga Sponsors:

Can’t travel to Kenya? You can still Jenga with us! Jenga Sponsors are our ambassadors right here in the U.S. Each home constructed by Youthful Faces in Kenya has an in-country cost equivalent to USD$20,000. Jenga Sponsors help by rallying family, friends, and co-workers to raise the funds needed to construct new homes for children and families in need. Youthful Faces shares photos before, during and after construction to keep Jenga Sponsors up to date, every step of the way.


Jenga in Kenya: Have questions? Want to learn more?
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