Margaret and her two brothers Joseph and John Mutunga were left to fend for themselves when their Father passed away in July 2012. “We had a good life when my father was alive, we never slept hungry and we never missed school” says Margaret as tears go down her chicks. She tries hard to keep herself composed in the presence of her young siblings.


Margaret took the role of being the provider. She left school and started working as a maid – All this to make sure her siblings were able to eat and go to school. Caring for her brothers was not easy, they hated going to school because other children would laugh at them and call them names. The teachers were not helpful they would punish them for not finishing their homework even though they understood their home situation. When YF joined this family we made sure Margaret stopped working as a maid and was back in school, we addressed their hunger situation and made sure they will never sleep hungry a day their life and we finally moved them to a school they will feel comfortable going to.


Margret is now in 9th grade. When she grows up she would like to be a social worker. When asked why she said “Social workers have the opportunity to help people. I wasn’t to be able to help the way Youthful Faces is helping my family. ”