Our Work


Hunger and malnutrition affect a vast majority of the people in the planet and many die every day from these preventable causes. It is time not to just speak out against children hunger but to do something about it. At YF we have witnessed first-hand the horrors of poverty and hunger and we feel compelled to help out the ones in need and to spread the message of giving so that one day we will see hunger as a thing of the past.


Learning is living. Learning is the modification of behavior. Thus education is important because it trains the human mind, opens us to new ways of thinking, new ideas, and helps us find solutions to many of the world’s problems. At YF we believe by providing our children with an education, we are helping built a better society. We believe we are helping our children become better citizens of the world.

Medical Care

Poor children suffer worse health and end up dying before their potential is recognized. The developing countries have higher than average child and maternal mortality, higher levels of disease, and more limited access to healthcare and social protection. YF works very hard to make sure that the children we support have access to medical services. We believe that a healthy child is a productive child and a productive child is what a society needs to better itself.