Our Stories

Meet some of your children

Mukenga Family

Festus (13), James (11), and Alfred (7) are brothers. They were born with a rare skin disorder. However, their parents thought their sons were cursed and left the three boys with a distant relative. Their grandfather, in his 60s, heard the news and went to search for them. After finding them, he took them into his own home. The grandfather does not work and depends on his son, who works as a casual worker in Nairobi, to send him money.

Mideva Family

Sharon (16), Edwin (15), Trace (9) and Daisy (8) are the beautiful children of Aggrey and Alice Ambani. Aggrey worked as a truck driver to support his family. Unfortunately, he passed away in a fatal car accident in 2010.


Fenike Vihenda Lugalia was born on June 17, 2011. Five months later, Fenike lost her mother, Joyce Lugalia. Fenike’s grandfather, Edward Lugalia, and grandmother, Judith Lugalia took Fenike under their care. At four years old, when girls her age usually play with toys, Fenike walked a long journey by herself.


Sheila and David’s marriage were blessed with two children, Philemons and Maureen. Unfortunately, David lost his life to HIV/AIDS in 2007. Following his death, Sheila had to drop out of college at the age of 21 to raise her children and provide for the family.


Millicent has two younger siblings Jeff and Melvin. Before their parents passed away, the three children lived in Kibera, a shanty town in Nairobi. She attended Kibera Primary school. Her parents even though poor worked hard and made sure they instilled the importance of education on their children.


Margaret and her two brothers Joseph and John Mutunga were left to fend for themselves when their Father passed away in July 2012. “We had a good life when my father was alive, we never slept hungry and we never missed school” says Margaret as tears go down her chicks. She tries hard to keep herself composed in the presence of her young siblings.


Rhodah Mwikali Kituku is 4 years old girl from Makueni, the last of seven children. Their mother abandoned them when Rhodah was only one year old. Her father lovingly cared for the children, but unfortunately passed away in July 2013. Rhodah was sent to her aunt, who later realized that she could not take care of a fifth child. Rhodah was sent back home.


Duncan Kanyolo is from Itoloni, Mwingi district, Kenya. His story is filled with sorrow and sadness, but also love and hope. Looking at him, you will only see a strong boy who is happy and determined. Kanyolo and Sivi Ngwau lost their parents to HIV/AIDS. Their father was the first one to pass away in 2005. The mother, unable to overcome the disease, passed away one year later.